Captain's Log
23 August 2007


Ahoy Shipmates,Well, discretion is the better part of valour, the storm continues to rage offshore, and so we are spending another night alongside at Bulimba Navy Base. The good news is that the weather is moderating slowly, so by the time make it out around Cape Moreton to head south we should have only 20-30 knots of brreze. This is actually quite good sailing weather for us and so we should be able to make good speeds, albeit not in the direction we need to go!Today we spent a good “happy hour” setting the ship to rights and cleaning up after our rough time at sea. The combination of sea sickness, wet foul weather gear and things not staying put in their stowages left things a little untidy! After happy hour we had a round of “rope races”, followed my Paige’s most excellent nav lecture. After lunch we played inter-watch sport, before a weather and “rule of the road” lecture from Damo. Toninght we will have a BBQ on deck, followed by three way talks and the inspirational clipper ship movie “Around Cape Horn”. After their heavy weather experience the team will have something to share with the great Captain Irving Johnstone…For the next few days we will have to remain at sea to beat the 440nm south to Sydney. All things being equal, we will arrive in Broken Bay by Monday in perparation for Command Day, and the half day sail next Wednesday. It’ll be touch and go -I will keep you posted on the progress.Until tomorrow,Yours Aye,ChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


27°27's / 153°4'e


Wet, Cold, Southerly wind - yuk!