Captain's Log
16 August 2006

Alongside, Naval Wharf, Bulimba Barracks, Brisbane River

Today’s entry comes from Youth Crew Jen:Ahoy my hearties!The last 24 hours of my voyage have been fantastic! This time yesterday we were travelling down to Moreton Bay where we anchored for the night. Although not very exciting, we had anchor watches during the night. After heading back to bed after a long day, we were awoken at 0630 to the best wakey wakey song ever! The morning began with a few stretches, followed by an amazingly funny game in which we had to pull off positions as knights, cavaliers and mounts! Great way to start the morning! The day got even better as we docked alongside the Grain Wharf at Fisherman Island, to pick up our guests for the half day sail! There was a great mixture of people that came on board and was fantastic to see them all have an incredible time on the Young Endeavour!Topping the day off we have docked at Bullimba Navy Wharf, where we are beginning our final end of voyage preperations. To kick start these off we have just climbed all the way to the top of the mast, so that we could harbour furl the sails, putting them back into the covers, helping to keep the ship all neat and tidy for tomorrow,which is the last day of the voyage. Tonight we are having a bbq dinner before enjoying a youth crew entertainment spectacular!! Its going to be a great night, keeping up the trend, in-line with the fantastic time we have had on board! Regards,Jen


27° 27' South / 153° 4' East


Wind SE 10-15 knots, calm and clear weather