Captain's Log
20 January 2007


Wow, what an awesome sail we just had!After leaving Newcastle at lunchtime yesterday, we sailed out into a 30knot Nor’Easter, which pushed us down the coast at a good clip. Since sailing we have clocked up just over 30 hours under sail, conducting line hadling and deck safety, seeting and furling, and tack drills. Just before sunset last night we completed two tacks as a crew to demonstrate that we could tack the ship while underway safely. This was just as well because we had to tack again at midnight, and again at 0900 this morning.Today we had morning brief, “happy hour” (I love the sound of cleaning in the morning…), round one of “rope races” (which went to blue watch) and handled some sails.This afternoon we sailed into beautiful Jervis bay, where we had a “man overboard” exercise and tacked ship a couple of times before berthing at HMAS CRESWELL, the Navy’s Officer Training Base at 3.00pm. As I write the youth crew are all aloft in the rigging furling sails and are looking forward to a swim to celebrate thier safe return to dry land, and for many the opportunity to savour the best cure for seasickness known to man – sit under a gum tree!Tonight we will have a BBQ and three way talks, before going into harbour watches overnight and an opportunity to catch up on some sleep.Tomorrow we will leave CRESWELL just after happy hour, and begin our passage north to Broken Bay, where we should come to anchor at the entrance to Cowan Creek sometime late on Monday.Until tomorrow, shipmates,Yours Aye,ChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


35°7's / 150°43'e


Wind - NE 25-3- knots, strong wind warning in force; warm and sunny.