Captain's Log
4 June 2007


Ahoy Shipmates,Welcome to the final Captain’s Log for Voyage 07/07. Sadly we will be farewelling our Youth Crew between 10 and 11 am tomorrow at the mega-yacht berth, Marina Mackay.Today we had the half day sail, during which we hosted a number of intellectually handicapped people from lifestream, an organisation catering for those with disablities who are unable to enjoy a full voyage in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. We had a great time and managed to sail for almost three hours, which enabled us to clock up 100 hours sailing this voyage.On arrival in the marina berth, we were able to sail alongside, only using our engines at the very last moment to stop. It was a great opportunity which capped off a fun day out.This afteroon the watches completed harbour furls, and we stored ship in preparation for the next voyage. Everyone is ashore at the moment doing end of Voyage Talks, before we sail to anchor at 1600. Tonight we will have the ship’s concert, and spend our final might together as a crew.As I close the log for this voyage, I mast say I have enjoyed working with such a talented and diverse group of young Australians – once again it has been a pleasure and an honour to be their Captain.Until next voyage, shipmates,Yours Aye,ChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


21°7's / 149°13'e


Wind ESE 15 knots, sea calm, occasional showers