Captain's Log
2 March 2008

All Weather Conditions

Ahoy Shipmates,Morning Brief this morning was a wet affair with YOUNG ENDEAVOUR 15nm east of Botany Bay making good ground to the south west experiencing light easterly winds and heavy showers. This morning saw the YC complete another good set of cleaning stations but due to lack of wind the programmed set of rotational tacks had to be postponed. Early afternoon saw the ship becalmed so we had no option than to hand in all sail, start main engines and motor for the next 2 hours. During this period I decided to stand the YC down so that they had some unstructured spare time to either, catch up on some much needed sleep, complete some personal domestic chores (i.e. wash dirty clothes in a bucket) or just enjoy each others company. At 1700 the predicted north easterly sea breeze finally arrived so main engines were shut down and again all plain sail was set. This evening saw everyone sit down to one of chef Simons famous traditional Sunday roasts prior to settling into their watches for the night. Due to a wind shift and subsequent rain squall early sleep was interrupted with all hands called to tacking stations at 2000. After a successful tack and shortening in of upper sail everyone made their way back to bed with the realistic expectation that we will need to tack ship again sometime throughout the night so that we can make our anchorage in Jervis Bay late tomorrow morning. Yours AyeCaptain Gav


34° 36' South / 151° 3' East


Currently sailing under close hauled under all fore and aft sails experiencing light north easterly breezes.