Captain's Log
27 May 2012

Ahoy there

VOYAGE 09/12 DAY 1 SUNDAY 27th MAY 2011 ‘Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible’ Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to Young Endeavour’s ninth voyage for 2012. Our journey commences in Townsville and concludes in Cairns. To facilitate our adventure under sail, it is an honour to introduce the ten Staff Crew that will guide and shape our voyage during the next 11 days: Captain Matt Sail Master Damien Navigator Tim Watch Officers Rick Red Watch Leader Paul White Watch Leader Guv Blue Watch Leader Dougie and Michelle Chef Squiz Engineer Mick The voyage officially commenced at 1500 today when 21 Youth Crew from across Australia embarked in Young Endeavour who had recently berthed at berth 4 in the Port of Townsville. Once all dunnage had been stowed, all friends and family and the very new Youth Crew were mustered on deck for a welcome address and staff introductions, before friends and family were emotionally farewelled. We remained alongside the wharf overnight to make all the preparations required to sail tomorrow. The Youth Crew under the direction of their watch leaders, have conducted ship familiarisation tours and a number of introduction activities to integrate the members of each watch. On completion of the tours everyone enjoyed the first of many very tasty meals crafted by master chef Squiz. After dinner, the program pushed on with brief chats from the Captain and Sailmaster and then preparations were made for the first step in the grand adventure. There were some nervous faces as all prepared to lay aloft to climb to the top of the foremast. I am however very pleased to report that all of the Youth Crew performed extremely well on their first day and I am from the outset impressed with both their individual efforts and team attitude. After having a celebratory hot chocolate followed by a 90 second shower, each has now turned in for a well deserved first night sleep in Young Endeavour. Tomorrow morning we will awake at 0630, to continue the adventure with an early morning activity and then make all preparations to go to sea and see what is over the next horizon Until tomorrow evening, take care. Yours Aye Captain Matt


19° 15' South / 146° 50' East


Wind SE 15kts Swell Nil Temp 15 degrees (so rather chilly up the mast)