Captain's Log
16 September 2001

Adrenalin Rushing

Last night we enjoyed a comfortable night in the anchorage off Portland. Each of the watches had a chat about how their voyage and goals are progressing and then kept anchor watches to make sure the ship remained safe overnight.Today we were overtaken by the cold front that has been chasing us for the past few days. It generated some pretty strong gusts and was quite exciting, particularly for those who had to lay aloft the masts to sea-furl the sails. The deck was moving around so much that it was difficult to stay upright, so for those 30 metres up the mast it was exhilarating.Tonight is our last night at sea before the youth crew begin their command day, so it will be a busy night for all to brush up on their skills.Fair winds and following seas to you allMatthew RoweYouth crew entry by Rory Davis, 21, Alice Springs, NT.Love to my fishy, Sis, Darceman, mum and dad ��� Seeyou soon, tell you some stories then.Youth crew entry by Beaver Mayonnaise Gowling (Sarah Gowling), 17 from Peterborough, SA.I wanna say hi to my yap yap and Daniel. You probably wont even bother going to the web site but when I ring I will tell you to look on here. It is getting rough again and I am feeling a little bit queezy but I’m going to bed in a minute so I should feel ok in the morning. If Luke reads this hi to you to and dad as well and I will ring youse when I get to Melbourne. Catch ya round like a rissole!!! From beaver…..las……..Youth crew entry form Chelsea Tumicz, 20 from Adelaide, SA.Hi to mum, dad, Dave, Lani, Kane and anyone else out there. I am having an absolute ball. I could stay on here for a lot longer! Although it is quite chilli and the seas are rough but it is all part of the fun and the adventure. Today was great when the fronts came through. With the adrenalin rushing you didn’t have time to think of the rain coming down and the water gushing onto deck! Looking forward to command day and seeing how it goes. Hope all is well with you all out there and I will talk to you soon when I am back on land.


38° 41' South / 142° 37'


Captain's Log for Sunday 16 September 2001Situation at 1800: Sailing SE approx 25nm south of the Twelve Apostles. Wind 250 at 23 knots, Temp 14c.