Captain's Log
23 February 2002


Current situation at 1800: Last night we spent at sea with the YC undergoing their much awaited teamwork activity that went quite well. We sailed north overnight and at wakey wakey this morning we tacked and headedwest to the jewel of the Gulf, Tumby Bay. Shopowners were quite happy to keep their shops open a little longer to deal with the rush.Pizza night, then it’s anchors aweigh and off we sail with the sun sinking slowly in our wake. Aaahhh.Tomorrow we’ll find another cosy anchorage but for now we have another night at sea to contemplate life, sailing and teamwork.Georgie Godsall, 22, Brisbane, Qld:Finally the joy of being able to eat my first meal after 3 days at sea. The youth crew and staff have all been compassionate andunderstanding to the trials of seasickness.Today was fantastic going to land and frolicking in the white sands of SA. The staff have beenup to their usual antics and I had the privilege of being shot by a cannon loaded with all sorts of things. I’m enjoying the company ofall on board and once more loving the sea.GeorgieShane Murray, 22, Sydney, NSW:Having a fantastic time on the Young Endeavour and I’m thinking it must be third time lucky because it’s all good. Glad I left it tillnow to write so I won’t focus on blisters and seasickness of a few days ago, in any case I had a far easier time of it than most. Wellhere’s an idea of what’s been happening. A couple of nights ago while at the helm I accidently tacked the ship at around 2am creating a whole lot of extra work for my watch, sorry. This morning at 4am we had problem solving, great time to get the brain in gear. Finally, what else would you be doing at 9.30am after a big night, yes it was off to the night club – crazy crew. Fantastic youth crew, still can’t believe from a random bunch from all over oz I could get on so well with everyone.To my mates back home – 5 degree down bubble… Mum, Dad, Dean, Wendy, Ziggy, hope you’re having great holidays. Jodie, no parties at home. Lise, hope your 21st party was awesome. Graham you’d love the climbing but I can’t practice angel diving from the mast.See you all for drinks up the Bluey when I’m home.Cheers, ShaneAlysia Scalpello, 20, Narrandera NSW:Hi everyone, very happy to see land again today, starting to feel a lot more comfortable on the boat now. Just going to keep it short butsweet due to the early hour that I have to be up for watch tomorrow 12-4am. Pigdog and Pitty, love the emails but I’m at sea and don’t receive them – the main office are probably bored with the overload. Can’t wait to get home and see everyone. I’ll ring you Petal from Port Lincoln airport.Cheers, AlysiaStay tuned,Andrew Davis


34° 22' South / 136° 7'


Brief anchor stop at Tumby Bay - boy, were they glad to see us. Wind sou'east at 15 knots, temp 19C.