Captain's Log
V10/18 Sydney to Newcastle
14 June 2018

A whale of a time

Ahoy there Shipmates,We had a great night of sailing towards Twofold Bay, with good wind conditions that varied requiring changes in the sail plan. Youth Crew kept deck watches overnight, during which they were responsible for conducting duties as helmsman, lookout and for conducting engineering rounds of the Ship during their four hour watch. They were also required to lay aloft to sea-furl square sails once we could no longer use them.We all mustered on the bridge at 0900 for the morning brief. Salty explained the origin of the name ‘heads’, otherwise known as the Ship’s toilets, after which Nana paid us a visit and gave the crew some more pointers on the importance of tidiness and cleanliness onboard. After that she taught the youthies the song, ‘Crabs and Seashells’.At 0930 we closed up to Tacking Stations and conducted ‘Rotational Tacks’, during which the watches rotate through the other watches’ tacking stations and undertake tacks or wears to learn what the other watches’ jobs are. This was conducted in light conditions 10 nm NE of Twofold Bay. Once that was complete we handed in all sail and motored the rest of the way to Eden, whilst the watches conducted ‘Happy Hour’.We anchored the Ship in Snug Cove at Eden harbour at 1100 and then broke for lunch. After this the Staff demonstrated the activity we call 3-Way Chats. The Youth Crew then proceeded ashore in the Ship’s Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB). Initially the crew headed to the Eden Killer Whale Museum, a popular local tourist spot which offers free admission to YE Youth Crew when we visit. That was the initial meeting point before the crew had some free time to check out Eden itself and do their preparations for the evening’s 3-Way Chats.On return to the Ship the crew recovered the boat and then undertook the next round of Rope-Races. This was followed by a spectacular BBQ dinner on deck, whilst taking in the views of Eden and the Twofold Bay foreshore. We then held the 3-Way Chats, which is another ice-breaker activity requiring some public speaking. On completion Navigator Adam briefed the crew on their anchor watch duties, after which the Youth Crew settled – in to their anchor watches overnight.Until tomorrow evening.Yours AyeCaptain Mike