Captain's Log
15 December 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 23 of our voyage. The squally conditions remained overnight which kept everyone on their toes and deprived most of us of some much needed sleep. Sunrise this morning provided us with some clear skies and some much needed sunshine but with daylight we could see the full height of the 5-7m swell that we were now surfing which is why we have been achieving some amazing boat speeds.

The large swell has made things even more uncomfortable and it has been a challenge just to try and walk around the ship so given these conditions our Sail Master of the Day ‘Kate’ decided to make it a relaxed day which enabled most of us to catch up on a little sleep and in my case to finish some more paperwork.

Since this morning the swell has reduced to 4-5m so things aren’t to bad except we are still rolling around a fair bit. Currently the wind s forecast to back to the west late this evening o that should allow us to set some more sail and continue to make good speed to Fremantle which is now only 7 days and 1100nm away.

Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Rhianna and Jamie, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Ahoy mateys!

Last night after the Captains log was created Hawaii watch started the 8pm- 12am watch. This was nothing but eventful. With all weather conditions thrown at us within the four hours and staff called to help out the youthies we can happily say that we should be qualified pirates by now! All shades of weather appeared including hail, rain and sunshine. Not to mention the waves crashing onto the deck leaving us all soaking wet.

We have to give it to the staff though! They were up and helping us within a minute or maybe two of being called. Decked out in wet weather gear and all! Its time to lift our game!

Whilst Hawaii made sure to get a good night sleep the other watches were trying to break records. On the 4-8am watch with the one and only Kenny on the helm the speed record for the World Voyage was broken, twice! First with 15.9kn and the again with 16.9kn!

This morning at the morning brief (Ran by the days sail master Kate) we were please to hear that today would have Sunday vibes, so that means chilling, reading and watching a movie unless your on watch. This was because of the weather conditions which also meant we had a more relaxed happiest hour of the day (cleaning, more or less).

As we saw the sun come out this morning and it keeping the appearance for the day World Voyagers slowly started to defrost and make their way to the deck to soak in the rare ray of sunshine that we have missed dearly. This also allowed us to do some much needed washing with the hope of it drying before the end of the day!!

Thanks again to the amazing Jenko and his master chefs for the incredible food! On a side note, galley duty has come to involve having the best café/restaurant name possible! Some names thrown around have been the three stooges, The Stormy Sea Café, The Red Boat, just to name a few.

Today has had a very Sunday feel and has allowed us all to relax a bit before some more hectic weather which is on its away. We hope that the sun can stay and it gets a bit warmer, so we can make use of the summer clothes we packed to many of! Hope all reading the logs are well and enjoying our stories from the Indian Ocean (currently about 1100 NM from Fremantle)

Yours Truly,

Rhianna and Jamie.


The count down is on. Not long to go now. I can’t wait to see you all for Christmas. Merry Christmas Mum, Dad, Chris, Shane- Love Matt G

Dear mum, dad and Julia, Hope all’s well at home. Still having a brilliant time and don’t want the trip to end, but can’t wait to see you all next week. All my love- Alice D

Hi Anne, Dave, Kate + Stinkface. Looking forward to seeing you guys at Christmas. I’m having an awesome time + will see you in just over a week! Love Josh C

Hi Mum and Dad having an awesome time xx See you in a week. Lots of Love Rhianna


40 degrees 16 minutes South / 95 degrees 1 minutes East


Currently located 1100nm WSW from Fremantle sailing downwind under 3 Squares and experiencing moderate 14-18kt SW winds with a 5m SW swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 12 degrees.