Captain's Log
16 April 2001

A Tough Mission

We spent last night anchored off Refuge Bay. Command Day elections were held and the new team busied themselves preparing for it. We got ashore at the beach and with the tropical showers passing we felt like something out of Survivor. This morning I handed command of Young Endeavour to Bryan Stamp, 20 and the crew of Voyage 06/01. The day so far has gone really well. Everyone is making a point of being positive and it is paying off. The YC are focussed and kicking goals.Youth crew entry by Mark, age 16, from Wangaratta, Victoria.Today is the big day for the youth crew as 7 days of learning get put to the test. Our command day mission is a Whitsunday cruise. We have to sail in a circle, going round some islands and ending up close to where we started. When we reach the final destination we will anchor and send a team of four people to row to shore and claim the beach for the youth of Australia. We will then try to get as many people as possible to sing the national anthem on the beach.We elected the command team last night and so far they’ve done a great job. We had to tack in the middle of dinner and the wind changed soon after so we will probably have to tack a couple more times than we would have liked but that’s life. We have to tack quite a bit to get around all the islands so I think it will be a disturbed night. Everyone is working well together as they have all trip and we are having a ball.I am one of the people going ashore tomorrow and we are getting our ridiculous costumes together so hopefully we will make a big impact on the people on our chosen beach. The aim is to get 40 people to sing with us to beat the record of 37 set by a previous youth crew.G’day to Mum, Dad and Dennis and everyone else that I know. I hope you’re as well as I am.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


20° 42' South / 149° 22'


CO'S LOG Monday 16 April 2001Current situation at 1900: Command Day: Mission ��� Whitsunday Island Cruise. Wind - sou'east at 20 knots. Temp 23C.