Captain's Log
14 September 2000

A Swim and Sand Castles

Last night we sailed down the central coast with following winds. The Youth Crew are starting to take on a real feel for the ship and making every moment count. After the seasickness of the past two days it is great to see more and more smiling faces.The ship sailed into Broken Bay at 8 o’clock this morning in beautiful but nippy conditions. At Morning Brief only a few offenders got up to sing, and Nathan gave a fascinating account of how the phonetic alphabet came about – can’t wait for the next instalment….Damo (aka Vasco De Gama) navigated far up the reaches of Coal and Candle Creek, enthralling the Youth Crew with his prowess, as he wound the ship through torturous channels to arrive at Akuna Bay. Everyone appreciated his efforts as they enjoyed morning tea below as he threaded the ship back to the anchorage.After lunch and a snappy Rule of the Road session by some Swede sweating in the scorching sun, everyone went ashore to the National Fitness Camp at Patonga. The setting was idyllic and the weather perfect. Everyone re-acquainted themselves with their land legs, played footy and relaxed on the beach and ��� some even swam and made sand castles. When we returned onboard three way talks were held and provided great entertainment. We will stay here at anchor overnight and get underway at 6 o’clock to ensure we make Sydney in time to watch the Opening Ceremony on TV.Youth Crew entry this evening is by Chelsea Whelan,16, of Maffra, Victoria. Well, today the spirit amongst the Youth Crew seems to have lifted. The last few days have been hard, everyone including myself, has been seasick and with seasickness comes homesickness. The times when I felt the worst I just wanted my Mum and my bed. But now I’m feeling better and I’m enjoying myself. Anyway Mum, Robert – love you, miss you, see you soon.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


33° 34' South / 151° 16'


Situation at 1800: At anchor Broken Bay. Clear Sky, full moon and calm seas.