Captain's Log
V05/18 Adelaide to Hobart
3 March 2018

A secret compartment down aft

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day eight of our voyage. On a normal day I would be writing a full days log explaining what we have experienced, observed and achieved but as of 1300 today I handed the ship over to Youth Crew Captain Ash and his loyal Crew for their 24hr Command Day so this responsibility has now fallen upon his shoulders and I am sure that you will enjoy reading about their exploits.Until tomorrow, Yours ayeCaptain Mike——————————————–Welcome to Day Eight.Our adventure started with a hilarious song, dance and pantomime from the staffies, where they dressed up in the finest and strangest garb that we’ve seen yet to bid us farewell to depart on their holiday. Where are they keeping all of these costumes? After that, envelopes with secret missions in hand, our Sailmaster Maia Hanrahan and I began to plan out the activities for the crew while our Navigator Lucy Bain and Watch Officer Tom Gouvernet headed to the Bridge to plot our course.The wind has been very fickle today and we have had to be on the ball all day to keep us heading in the right direction. We started off with setting our staysails, then later we set the three square sails to take advantage of the wind behind us. The Engineer Brett advised us that the engines would have to be shut off after a rare and mysterious species of jellyfish materialised inside them causing a total loss of power. Fortunately when the wind dropped off an hour later, they started working again at reduced power, while we scrambled to get everyone back on deck to clew the square sails back up. Then the hungry crew headed down for a well deserved meal.Our new chefs Maddie, Tahl and Cai whipped up an enormous pot of spaghetti Bolognese and an equally massive serving of delicious ravioli carbonara for our Italian-themed dinner. Their dessert (chocolate brownies) was decadent and delicious and received wide acclaim.A storm caught up to us and lashed us with wind and rain for a while – It was pretty miserable on deck but the wind was just what we needed. Overnight the watch leaders Annie, Matt and Shan-Del will take up the helm and lookouts and keep everything running smoothly. The crew are working on some things that will help us commemorate our voyage, but we’ll have to wait for tomorrow to see what they come up with.These are the voyages of the STS Young Endeavour.More to come tomorrow.Yours,Youth Crew Captain Ash Mills


43 46.7' S / 146 57.4' E


Weather - overcast with passing heavy showers, Wind - westerly at 23 kn, Swell - westerly at 1.0 m, Temp: 16 deg. C