Captain's Log
23 July 2001

A Pretty Bouncy Night

The last 24 hours has been spent working our way south down the coast and as anticipated it has largely been against headwinds. Unfortunately this has meant we have had to motor sail for most of the day. Today has been pretty quiet recovering from a pretty bouncy night as we punched into a short steep sea.This afternoon it was another round of rope races as Youth Crew develop into salty sea dogs all, followed by an astro-navigation theory lecture, which a few were able to put into practice this evening.Now we continue to motor sail into Shark Bay where we plan to anchor tomorrow.Cap’n Bob.Youth Crew entry by Jess Cameron aged 19 from Dural NSW and Selina Langford aged 17 from Canberra ACT.Early yesterday evening we preformed our first night tack successfully, which was a rewarding experience for the crew. We faced some exciting waves last night ��� various items of clothing were lost to the deep blue. The conditions had calmed down by early morning so we were all able to get some much-needed sleep. There was time to catch up on that lost sleep today due to a more relaxed schedule. We also spent time enjoying some games on deck and learning the basics of astro-navigation. Our tummys are presently filled with the huge tuna we caught yesterday, followed by magic mousse made by our wonderful Woody. Currently we are heading into Shark Bay and looking forward to civilisation tomorrow when we anchor.Hi to our families and Mel, and good luck to Alix. Give Bob a pat and I hope Conner is better. Don’t forget to pick us up at the airport!


24° 40' South / 113° 15'


CO's Log 23 July 2001Situation at 1800 Monday 23 July 2001: Course 090 Speed 7 knots. Conditions: wind SE 12 knots, clear skies, temp 23 degrees.