Captain's Log
9 November 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 21 of our voyage. Firstly let me apologize if our ‘Yellow Brick Tracker’ has been dropping in and out on our website and you can’t accurately see where we are (no we haven’t done a runner to the Caribbean). At the moment for some unknown reason it is only holding a battery charge for 72hrs then goes dead flat which means we have to take it down and recharge it again. Hopefully we will get it fixed shortly.We have experienced mixed conditions today with the wind freshening for four hours during the early hours of this morning which enabled us to sail then again late this afternoon which has us still sailing under a full press of sail now.As you will read in tonight’s Log it has been a great day with many different things happening onboard throughout the day culminating in a BBQ dinner tonight which is to be followed by a ‘movie under the stars’ which is just about to be shown on Young Endeavours upper decks movie screen.Currently we are located 130nm to the north of the Canary Islands enjoying sailing under a full press of sail in moderate 12-15kt NNE winds.Writing tonight’s Log is Amy and Talbot so please enjoy reading about their day.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav PS Sorry for the short log but I don’t want to miss the movie! CAPTAINS LOG 11th September 2015Just a quick one today as the sun is still out, the Pavlova is melting and the cold drinks are soon to be just drinks. Plus we need to set ourselves up in front row seats for tonight’s open air cinema up on deck. It is an outrageous end to such a relaxed day that is so far from the rough ocean crossing we started with.Games with our floral Friday leader, Shaun, saw squashed eggs and clenched cheeks, squashed cheeks and clenched eggs. Did we mention that this morning’s poached eggs were lovely?We won’t lie – it’s hot. There was momentary relief this morning as light, cool droplets braised our cheeks, sending a murmur of excitement that a cool front was approaching. Alas, our hopes were shattered like a message in a bottle on the sea cliffs of Lichtenstein as we craned our necks skywards to the spreader bars where our topless engineer Horto was embodying the infrastructure on which he was standing.For all you sticklers for detail, today we did the following in chronological order:0855: Meeting0915: Toilet (heads) scrubbing1000-1700*: Games on deck1700 onwards: Cheese platter, bbq, salsa lessons and movie*1124: Commissioning of Engineer Horto’s new cooling systemSitting here with our happily ballooned bellies it is hard to put into words how it feels sailing these waters, always moving south, with no physical reference to where we might be, a constantly blue horizon and an ever changing landscape. The most subtle changes are simply captivating.Saw a shark two days in a row. Is it the same one?Love to all our families,Amy and Talbot


30 degrees 39 minutes North / 15 degrees 6 minutes West


Currently located 130nm to the North of the Canary Islands sailing downwind under a full press of sail and enjoying moderate 12-15kt NNE winds with a 1m SSW swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 20 degrees.