Captain's Log
7 July 2001

A Magnificent Waterfall

Last night each watch conducted a team-building exercise as part of having progressed to ‘phase two’ of the voyage. This is where the youth crew take more direct control and apply their sail setting and furling, navigation and whole ship knowledge. All of this is working toward their ‘Command Day’, which will see them elect their own Captain, Navigator, Sailing Master, Chefs, Watch-Leaders and all positions, before taking control of the ship for a day.Today we spent the day exploring the upper-reaches of the Creek here. There are great cascades and a barbecue area that we made the most of for lunch. We also all signed a Young Endeavour t-shirt, which we left in the shelter with the other relics of the hundreds of boats to have visited before us. A great WA day. Tonight we will remain at anchor for a good rest, before heading further West in the morning.Until tomorrow, hope all is smooth in your anchorage wherever it maybe,Matthew RoweYouth Crew Entry from Mark Plumb, 19 from Sydney.Well, what can I say? This voyage has been marvellous and so was today. Today we explored up Crocodile Creek. At the end of Crocodile Creek we went swimming at two clear blue fresh water holes. One of the water holes was at the bottom of a magnificent waterfall. We stayed for most of the day and had lunch up there. Last night we set one of the sails by our selves and struggled a bit in our small watch group. It brought some good teamwork into the group and got us working well together before command day. Well I will have to lastly say hello to my parents and my wonderful sister Kylie and all my friends.Youth Crew Entry from Alex Cato, 16 from Melbourne.Yesterday summed-up entirely how magnificent this voyage has been. The splendour of the fresh water holes at the end of Crocodile Creek are almost indescribable to a stranger. The top pool flowed down a small cascading waterfall into the pool below. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to swim in the first pool before the tide got too high and the threat of invading crocodiles forced us to swim in the top pool. We had a delicious barbecue lunch followed by a relaxing afternoon. A group of us led by Dion ventured up a rocky hill to catch yet another breathtaking view. Despite a few stumbles and falls I think we all thoroughly enjoyed the walk. The day at Crocodile Creek ended at about 2:30pm and we headed back to the boat for an afternoon of rope races and then a movie before retiring for another day. I’d like to say Hi to mum and dad and all my friends and I’m having a wonderful time.


16° 9' South / 123° 40'


Captain's Log for Saturday 7 July 2001Situation at 1800: Anchored at the entrance to Crocodile Creek, Yampi Sound, WA. Wind Very Light. Temperature 25C.