Captain's Log
31 May 2000

A long day!

Having sailed into Moreton Bay the ship anchored off Moreton Island after lunch. The boat was launched and the crew were ferried ashore to the beach for a sports afternoon. Everybody had fun ashore but the most excitement was probably the boat trip back. During the afternoon the wind continued to freshen and a large chop had developed in the bay. Getting the crew up the ladder was tricky but was completed safely. It had become too rough to recover the boat and it was left on a towrope.The planned deck party became a below deck party and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal followed by the infamous ‘banana split bar’. A command day debrief was next on the agenda where everybody participated and said their bit as we analysed what went right and wrong on the day and what we could learn from the experience. Anchor was weighed at 2100 and with boat in tow, motored across the bay to seek shelter in the lee of Mud Is. We anchored some 2 hrs later and recovered the boat. It had been a long day.This morning we weighed anchor and motored up the Brisbane River berthing at 0900 at the Fishermans Island coal wharf. We are now making preparations for taking some special young guests with disabilities for a three hour sail. It’s a great day for sailing with a fresh westerly breeze and not a cloud in the sky.YC entry by James Bunt (age 17 from Newcastle) – Anchoring a stones throw from Moreton Is, we sent the Beach Assault Team ashore to plant the Australian flag and sing the national anthem over the 2 way radio. Once they were ashore the rest of us were ferried ashore for a sports afternoon. Ryan and I went for a run along the pristinewhite sand beach followed by a spot of sun baking that was cut short by our warders – ooops – staff crew. Relaxation soon turned to competitiveness as the sports got under way. Five o’clock came and we all returned to the ship and participated in a command day debrief. Great fun. We finally anchored for the night and bunked down for a good nights sleep.Time to cut and runAndrew (and Jim)


27° 23' South / 153° 9'


Wind 260/20kts, Temp 16, still clear and brisk