Captain's Log
17 May 2012


Hi Everyone,A well rested crew awoke to a fine but overcast morning. Following an early morning activity, breakfast and morning brief the anchor was weighed and we departed Whitehaven Beach. Given that we were still experiencing strong south easterly winds I decided to transit through Solway Passage back into the confines of the Whitsunday Passage so that we could continue with the days sailing program in calmer conditions.Once in the passage the ship was brought under fore and aft sail, then Carly the ‘Sail Mistress’ gave a quick brief on how to set the squares prior to the ship being brought under a full press of sail for the first time for this voyage.Following lunch the first set of ‘rope races’ was held. This activity helps the Youth Crew to learn the many line, sails and parts of rigging that are located onboard Young Endeavour. On completion the Youth Crew spent some quality time with their Watch Leaders setting and clewing-up the squares and consolidating their newly acquired sailing skills.To finish the afternoon’s activities we completed a very good set of rotational tacks. This activity enabled each watch to rotate throughout the upper deck tacking positions in order gain an enhanced understanding of this important manoeuvring evolution. On completion of this activity we handed in all sail the proceeded to anchor for the evening at Maureens Cove, which is located at the northern end of Hook Island. This evening following another one of Chef Simon’s magnificent dinner’s the Youth Crew proceeded aloft (climbed the foremast) and put sea furls on all of the square sails then once completed settled into their anchor watches overnight.Tomorrow we will depart the Whitsunday’s and commence our passage north. Note for Emma’s Mum: Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Lots of Love Emma xxoxUntil tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


20°3's / 148°56'e


Currently anchored in Maureens Cove (Hook Island) and experiencing light-moderate SE winds with nil swell.