Captain's Log
7 June 2010

A Great Day At Sea

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 7 of our voyage. Overnight we enjoyed a good nights rest while anchored at Middle Percy Island. Some of the Youth Crew decided to sleep up on deck under the stars but were awoken during the night by some passing showers which forced them to abandon there ���camp out’ and return to the shelter of the 6 and 12 berth cabins.At 0630 Damien the Sail Master conducted his normal early morning wake-up call and within a couple of minutes everyone had mustered on deck for an early morning activity. Following breakfast and a shortened ���Happy Hour’ the pool was opened and everyone enjoyed a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water of Percy Island. By 1000 the pool had been closed and preparations had been made for our departure. Again we had favourable conditions for sailing so rather than use main engines we again sailed from anchor. This is the second time this voyage that we have undertaken this evolution and the Youth Crew are now becoming very proficient at achieving this manoeuvre. Once underway the ship was brought under a full press of sail and in light south easterly winds we shaped a new course for Double Island. During the day the Youth Crew were kept busy conducting setting and furling drills so that their skills were finally tuned for Captains Sail Setting and Furling Drills which occurred late this afternoon. Following these drills I am happy to announce that all of their efforts have paid of with all watches successfully passing this assessment with flying colours. Besides conducting sail work all of the Watch Leaders took their watches for a final climb of the foremast prior to proceeding to Phase 2 of the voyage (this phase allows the Youth Crew to climb to mast without the supervision of the Watch Leader). While aloft the Youth Crew managed to sight some migrating humpback whales, which has been one of the highlights of the day.The time is now 1930 and I have just completed the Command Day brief and the Youth Crew are now busy conducting their command team elections. These elections are to be finished by 2000 at which time we will hand in all sail and proceed to anchor at Double Island.Tomorrow at 1200 I will hand Command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR to the Youth Crew of Voyage 11/10 who I am sure will do an amazing job running the ship for the 24 hours that follow. Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


21° 21' South / 149° 51' East


Currently located 2nm from Double Island and enjoying light SE winds with nil swell. Current temperature is a pleasant 23 degrees.