Captain's Log
5 September 2001

A Great Command Day

Command Day completed this morning after an the YC sailed the ship up from Kangaroo Island and at the stroke of 0630 hours this morning anchored the ship in her allotted anchorage. They did a great job and after a voyage with lots of wind they were becalmed overnight. During the early hours the wind sprang up on the nose causing them to start the engines so they could make it. Oh well.We arrived in port at 0900 hours in readiness to embark our guests for the half-day sail. For three hours we sailed in beautiful conditions in the Gulf of St Vincent and the sailing combined with our YC acting as great hosts made the day a memorable one for our 40 visitors.Tonight we will get no break. We need to complete our end of Voyage talks and Command Day debrief. The sails need a good furl and then we can have more fun at the concert this evening. I hear some special acts are brewing. No YC entry tonight.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


34° 48' South / 138° 28'


CO's LOG Wednesday 5 Sep 2001Current situation at1 800: At anchor Semaphore Anchorage, Port Adelaide. Wind - no wind, great sunset. Temp 20C.