Captain's Log
22 April 2002

A Glorious Backdrop

Current situation at 1800: As usual today has been very busy. Overnight everyone had a go at climbing to the top of the mast with most succeeding. Today it has been lots of sail handling, more safety drills and this evening we conducted tacking stations as the sunset provided a glorious backdrop, concluding a demanding and rewarding day for all.Now we are motoring out through Port Phillip’s notorious Rip. Conditions are very calm which is good for negotiating the tidal races that abound in this region but unfortunately are not much goodfor sailing. So it looks like we will be motoring overnight as we put some miles behind us.Thats all for now,Cap’n Bob.


33° 15' South / 144° 55'


Wind south 8 knots, clear skies, temp 17C.