Captain's Log
10 December 2002

A Fantabulous and Funny Ordeal

Situation at 20:00: Tonight’s Captain’Log will be compiled by the Youth Crew who will discuss Command Day.Woody, Brisbane, QldIt was a tough 24 hours but we made it. Through high seas and even higher winds we pushed this ship all the way to Sydney and had ‘great’ fun doing it. So very tired, looking forward to some sleep, and haven’t used a sick bag for a few days. A special hello to Tanya and of course mum and dad and not to forget Jen for her gifts.Adam, Orange, N.S.W.A fantabulous and tragically funny ordeal in what was a spectacular and joyous Command Day for all. My day started with a early wake up call, that allowed to move the ship towards Sydney rather than Kiwi Land. We have learnt to deal and adjust to hauling on wet lines in the dark. My tip for the day is to remember those less fortunate than you and from that comes hope for another happy day. G’day to mum, dad, and the rest of the crew in Orange. I did this in rememberence of my good mate J.B.Cheers, Bye.Emma (Em), Canberra, ACTHi 🙂 Well I am one of the lucky few to have been asigned to the Galley for the past 24 hours in an attempt to fulfill the expertcullinary position left vacant by our champion chef, Polly. Trying to cook, for most of us, is a challenge in itself, to that add- cooking lasagna for more than 30, the continual rocking of the kitchen (akagalley) and sliding of absolutley eveything in sight, walking up hill to get to the other side of the room, making 50% of the galley staff sick (BOB I HAVEN’T CHUCKED) whilst also being ready to jump up totacking stations at the drop of the PA call. All in all the command day, with our CO Steve and XO Laws and our fantastic navs, taught all of us many things about ourselves and each other, what a challenge,sailing a ship with only 7 days experience.Hey to everyone Myf, Sam, Katie and all the HBC youth back home, b there soon, luv u Gran 🙂 MRohan (Rhino), Bundoora, VicWe have come to the end of a hard 24 hours with lots of hard work and very little sleep, infact very little sleep in the last 7 days. Hit high seas on the way to Sydney, we all got drenched but still managed to have a ball. This has to be a journey of a life time at sea and recommend this to everyone. Big hello to Alice, Mum, Dad,rest of family and anyone else who maybe reading this.Chris, Aberdeen, NSWToday as many of you may know was command today. I had the honour of being one of the ship’s navigators as well as being an officer of the watch. Most of the night was spent tacking, as well as fixing ourposition. Much to my relief today the weather closed in. Thats right, I have finally seen rain. Fortunatley I am yet to be sea sick, needless to say I am relieved. Command day was great, I would likenothing more than to be able to do it again. Hi to everyone at home, I hope you aren’t working too hard. CHRIS


33° 49' South / 151° 16' East


At anchor in Hunters Bay, Wind: South at 14 kts, Temp: 17c, 8/8 cloud and heavy rain.