Captain's Log
14 July 2008

A Day of Sailing in The Whitsunday’s

Ahoy Shipmate, This morning was another perfect morning in the Whitsunday’s which saw everyone on deck for the normal early morning activity (EMA) at 0630. Morning brief was another extravaganza which saw the Member for Oxley Mr Bernie Ripoll willingly demonstrate his prowess as a cannon by spitting cherry tomatoes and sesame seeds to simulate the meaning of order ���two six heave’ and to simulate the firing sequence of a cannon. Following morning brief and cleaning stations the course yard swing was rigged and everyone enjoyed a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of Blue Pearl Bay. Straight after lunch the YC were mustered and I provided a brief on how to sail YE away from anchor. The YC must have paid particular attention to this brief as the ship completed a ���text book’ departure from anchor under sail which demonstrated to YC what they could achieve by working together as a crew. During the rest of the afternoon the YC were given the opportunity to set and clew-up the squares and to familiarize themselves with the sails that they had not previously had the chance to use. Late afternoon saw us complete our first tack with the squares sails set, which was followed by the Captains sail theory lecture which assisted the YC in consolidating the days sail training. During the night watches the YC will complete the ���Bear Exercise�� (initiative exercise) and ���Apples & Onions�� (communication exercise) as the ship continues to sail around the Whitsunday Islands. Tomorrow will see us briefly anchor at Airlie Beach to sadly farewell the Member for Oxley Mr Bernie Ripoll who has been a fantastic crew member for the past 5 days, but is now due back at the office. Tomorrow afternoon we will anchor in Nara Inlet were we will remain overnight.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


19° 55' South / 148° 51' East


Currently sailing under fore & afts sails and experiencing moderate 15-20kt SE winds