Captain's Log
31 August 2001

A-class, Number 1 Storm

I guess the YC are getting an adventure. We are in the middle of an A-class, Number 1 storm as they say in ‘the’ movie. We are sailing under stormsails and early this morning as we were furling the jib, the clew parted and the next moment the sail was in tatters, shredded by the wind. It took a superhuman effort by Stafffies and YC to try and recover it, but in the end the wind was master and the sea claimed the sail. We can expect these conditions for the next two days before another weather front knocks on the back door. There won’t be much time to recover.Thank goodness for our great foul weather gear that is keeping us dry in the icy winds and horizontal rain…and I know the YC will want me to mention that we saw a huge pod of pilot whales, dolphins and all the way out here…a little seal.Youth crew entry by Campbell MacRae.Hi there everyone. Right now a wave just crashed over the bridge which makes it pretty hard to stand up and type. 7 metre swells can make it quite hard to walk around below decks but we battle on. (Even when bowls of coleslaw are flying across the room). A special hello to little bro. James, Mum, Dad, Duncan and a very big special hello to my Emily. Miss you all heaps but I know I’ll be home soon so I’ll just enjoy my time on the ocean. We’ve been at sea since Monday night so it will be great to see land. Anyway, I’d better go try and battle with the shower. Miss you more Emily and I’ll see you soon. Bye.Youth crew entry by Katie Barker,20, Brewarrina.7 months ago I come a board Young Endeavour. I had ten glorious sunny days from Devonport to Sydney and really enjoyed myself. Today it is cold, wet, windy, we lost a sail and even the simplest tasks such as dressing have been made into a challenge…yet still there is not a place on earth I’d rather be. There is nothing more ferocious, unpredictable and spectacular as the sea. Every time a wave comes crashing down you realise this is a once in a lifetime experience and no wave can crush your spirit. To the youth crew of v19 2000 I wish you were here, and to Pa (the greatest navy seaman) my thoughts are always with you out here. Stay tunedAndrew Davis


35° 26' South / 131° 20'


CO's LOG Friday 31 Aug 2001Current situation at 1800: At sea under storm sails in the Great Aussie Bight. Wind sou'west at 55 KNOTS. Seas 7-8 metres. Temp 13C and still we see albatross.