Captain's Log
14 September 2001

A Bout of Landsickness

Last night we spent a little time getting to know all of the crew by introducing someone else to the group. We then spent the night in Guichen Bay and awoke to a gorgeous sunrise. After a few hours ashore in Robe we returned onboard, sailed from the anchorage and beat our way out of the bay into the strong westerly wind.Tonight we will remain at sea and make as much ground toward the east as we can. Conditions are great for sailing and at the moment we have just about all of our sails set, which is a great way to be. Youth crew entry by Jen (21) and Lisa (19) both from Sydney.After three days at sea we finally anchored and went ashore to the quaint town of Robe, where after finally getting over sea sickness we experienced a bout of land sickness. We also overcame our fears and climbed to the topgallant (30 metres above the deck) in high seas and strong winds. Jen sends all her love to mum, dad, Chris, xBrettx and family, am thinking of you all. Lots of love to dad, mum, Dale, Tim and everyone else. Lis.


37° 25' South / 139° 40'


Captain's Log for Friday 14 September 2001Situation at 1800: Sailing SE under 'plain sail'. Wind 295 at 23kts. Temp: 15c.