Captain's Log
12 September 2000

A bit of Fish Feeding

After a night spent at anchor, it was up early for some morning activity – Pauly style. The Youth Crew were introduced to the morning brief and it was off to the first edition of Happy Hour and morning tea before anchor was weighed and Young Endeavour motored from Sydney Harbour. The westerly winds were expected to produce some flat seas for setting and furling drills but a southerly change and a large residual swell made the ride too uncomfortable so we made ground to the sheltered waters of Broken Bay for the afternoon. With a bunch of new sailing skills bursting from their toolbags, the Youth Crew were put through their paces with two tacks just before dinner. Maybe it was the impending thought of Woody’s food or that they were just keen sailors, but the tacks went very well.Although there is quite a bit of ‘fish feeding’ going on at the moment, the Youth Crew are settling in well to their watches and life at sea. Overnight we will head north toward Port Stephens, before tacking around 4 AM. The weather forecast is good with these winds to persist for the next few days.Youth Crew entries:Lucy Reilly, 17, of Leura, NSWToday we sailed into open water and our initial excitement was dispelled as people started getting seasick. Despite the unsteady Youth Crew we all learnt alot about the ship and put up the sails and began to sail the ship. I was nervous at first that I’d get something wrong, and I did a couple of times but the Staff Crew were really good about it and it was really fun. It’s a bit scary to see land shrinking away in the distance, but I know it will be good fun because the crew – youth and staff – are great.Andrew Wren, 17, of Bathurst, NSWLike my Father said to me before I left Sydney: this trip would be an experience of a lifetime and that is exactly what it has been so far. The teamwork and the friendships have helped us get over our seasickness and through the lessons today, and it has not been easy but it has been fun. I’m sure when I am finished here I will not regret it.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


33° 35' South / 151° 35'


Current situation at 1800: Off Lake Macquarie, Course 050, Speed 6kts, Wind Sou'easterly 15kts. Temp - cold