Captain's Log
23 January 2002

A Big Day Out

A big day out. Last night the ‘Bear’ teamwork exercises went really well and to make things tougher we threw a tack in during the night.Today the wind dropped and those drizzly clouds went away to reveal a beautiful sunny day – at last.This morning the YC showed how safe they can be during setting and furling drills and after lunch we went through The Rip ��� the notorious entrance to the Bay. We set all sails again as the wind rose and sailed to the anchorage. A big day deserves a big swim so the pool, i.e. the Bay, was opened and the swimmers all froze. Summer hasn’t yet arrived in Victoria.As I type the YC are electing their team for tomorrow’s (Thursday) Command Day. Their mission is yet to be revealed but it will be a tough one, but I know they will kick it into touch. Their performance and cohesion as a team thus far has been great and now they have the opportunity to kick some goals.Stay tunedAndrew R Davis


38° 19' South / 144° 58'


CO's LOG Wednesday 23 Jan 02Current situation at 1800: At anchor off Dromana, Port Philip Bay. Wind southerly at 10 knots. Temp 18C.