Captain's Log
11 January 2013

2013.11.01 Day 5 V18/13

Ahoy there Shipmates, Overnight the Ship continued to sail and motor sail making as much ground to the south and south/west as was possible in the prevailing north and north/easterly winds varying between 8knots and 33knots. Today we have the wind shift through some 290 degrees going from the north/east to north to north/west to west, then through south and we are currently experiencing easterly winds at 8 knots. Needless to say there has been lots of setting sails, putting sails away and then getting them out again. Life on a tall ship! I have included some Youth Crew comments below and there isn’t too much additional stuff that needs to be said other than in the late afternoon we also conducted Rotational Tacks. This is where each of the watches has a chance to see what the other watches do during their Tacking Station, just starting to build that bigger picture understanding and overall awareness as we start moving towards Command Day. Everything is progressing really well. Over to the Youth Crew, so until tomorrow evening. . . Carpe Diem! Yours Aye Captain Dion Curtis From Youth Crew members Nikki, Aaron and Andrew: Friday aboard the Young Endeavour started with rough seas, high winds, bacon and egg rolls, and consequently, vomit bags full of our breakfast. Climbers were up bright and early furling the sails in some of the wildest conditions seen throughout voyage 18, whilst other crew members enjoyed a happy hour full of elbow grease and spray’n’wipe. In usual fashion, the ships favourite geriatric Nanna graced us with her hairy legs, fake pearls, and blue rinse to teach us the practically of the saying ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ as she threw our forgotten laundry at us from her bag of misplaced garments. Following a decadent and ever-impressive lunch spread, the crew assembled to bask in the wise words of Captain Dion, as he imparted his knowledge of sailing theory, and encouraged camaraderie through various legless acrobatic feats, and a fierce and unconventional duel to the death between Red Watch members Andrew and Nikki (by the way Andrew won). Daily rope races were as competitive as ever, with engineer Lindsey calling the shots, and testing our aptitude in the fields of maritime expertise, apple eating, and snake skinning, (in the later, Red Watch dominated with a triumphant time of 31 seconds). We’d love to tell you more, but there are decks to be scrubbed. Red Watch signing off. From Youth Crew member Nicole: Hi. I am Nicole and I am 18 years old and currently sailing to Wellington on the Young Endeavour. The Young Endeavour has given me so many opportunities that I would not normally get to do. If you had asked me a few months ago if I ever thought I would climb the mast on a boat that is about 35 meters high, I would have thought that you were crazy. The Young Endeavour not only gives you the chance to do that, but also to develop your leadership skills, to live with people, to build your confidence and to meet some pretty amazing people. For me the best part about being on the Young Endeavour is getting all these opportunities and being supported with all the decisions you make. I would recommend it to everyone, just apply, it is really worth it. I would also like to say congratulations to my friends Luke, Georgia and Adam who Graduated year 12 today!


40° 13' South / 177° 26' East


Wind 097 at 08 knots. Swell 195 at 1m Sea state 2