Captain's Log
16 February 2009

2 – 6 – HEAVE

Ahoy there Shipmates,We woke this morning having had an ok nights rest at anchor off Eden. I say ok as we rolled quite significantly throughout the night. During morning brief the salty sea dog, Chook Barry, gave a wonderful demonstration of the origin of the expression 2 ��� 6 ��� HEAVE. I must also mention YC Julie in despatches for being such a good ���volunteer’. After the brief YOUNG ENDEAVOUR weighed anchor and set sail in a moderate soueaster. We sailed throughout the forenoon in wonderful conditions hugging the scenic south coast avoiding the south setting East Australian Current. YC Julie’s (of 2-6 fame) father, is a local pilot and through prior arrangement he came and buzzed us off the town of Merimbula. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures.In the afternoon a set of rope races were conducted followed by Dave ���Yak’ Jordan’s lecture on the black art known as meteorology. I thought the chicken bones were unnecessary but he swears by them.Demonstration tacks were then conducted where each YC gets the opportunity to view the manoeuvre from the bridge rather than sweating back on a line and hopefully getting a better understanding of how it all works. This is all part of the preparation for command day which is less than 48 hrs away.This evening we have just sailed between Montague Is and the mainland. The last time I was here was only a few weeks ago when I was out on a fishing charter and spent a small fortune not to catch any fish and watch my son be seasick for four hours. This time it’s much nicer. That said a bit more wind would be nice as it has dropped below 8 kts and reluctantly we have to do some motorsailing.Tomorrow we intend to anchor at Jervis Bay and hopefully get ashore for a few hours sport. We will remain overnight and importantly hold the command day elections. A very big deal for the YC. I’m not concerned as this crew are shaping up really well; each and every one of them.Cheers for nowAndrew ���Gunna’ RourkeCommanding OfficerCarpe Diem


36° 6' South / 150° 14' East


Co 010, Sp 6 kts, Wind 110 / 8 kts