Captain's Log
11 October 2006

15nm due east of Bicheno, Tasmania

After a slightly uncomfortable night due to a lumpy and confused sea we awoke to the mouth watering smells of Chad’s cooking. Due to some rougher seas than would be preferable, customers were a bit light on! The first of the Youth Crew have fallen prey to sea sickness!! All going well we shall be anchoring at Cape Barren Island tomorrow morning and the will give a chance to overcome it and get some food to stay down for those unlucky few. Today was the first time every one has seen the complete morning brief, complete with Jay’s salty seadog tales of yesteryear at sea and where some of our everday expressions come from! How do duck boards get their name!?! We all know now… After happy hour we had a more relaxed forenoon. The day continued with lunch and Suz the Navigators all important Navigation Brief. We all know that there is a little more to keeping the land on the left if you want to get from Hobart to Sydney!! Today may be rough and the Southern Ocean living up to it’s reputation but there are smiles all round and every one is having fun! What more could you ask for!!! Until tomorrow… Ian Hibbard LEUT, RAN Voyage Captain


41° 50' South / 147° 40' East


Weather: wind NE'ly 35kts, cloud cover 65%, confused sea, swell 3 meters