Ahoy Ambassador! Welcome aboard the Young Endeavour Ambassador Program. 

There are many ways to promote the Young Endeavour Program, you’re really only limited by your time and your imagination! 


Bookmark this page as your handy guide to the promotional activities you can run as an Ambassador. 


If you have an idea and you need our guidance or support, email the team: mail@youngendeavour.gov.au 

Where to start?

Add your Ambassador Story to our website. Don’t forget pictures!

Share a #throwbackthursday or #flashbackfriday post of photos from your voyage to your social channels and tag #youngendeavour.

Tag our official social media accounts when you post or interact with us online.

Add your Ambassador role to your resume, your Instagram profile, your LinkedIn experience or any other online channel you use.

Connect and follow the official Young Endeavour accounts on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn so you can share our content with your networks.


When each new ballot opens, the Young Endeavour team will email you to ask for help sharing updates. We’ll also provide images and content to share, which can be downloaded from the Ambassador Hub.

Respond to any questions you receive through your social channels about the Young Endeavour Program. If you can’t answer a question, tag the Young Endeavour social channels and we’ll take over for you.

If you see questions on the Young Endeavour social channels, jump onto the post and help answer. Share your experiences and help others understand what an amazing adventure a voyage in the Young Endeavour is!

Sign up for our Salt eNewsletter and forward to your friends, family or contacts who might be interested in hearing about the Program.

Once you've had a chance to start promoting Young Endeavour, make sure you head to our Record Activity form so you can share your wins with us! We'll also share these to the Ambassador network so you can all learn from each other.

In your Community

Order free brochures and conduct a letterbox drop in your local area.

Order posters and organise to hang these in local businesses, community centres or noticeboards, local schools or other public places where youth aged 16-23, or their parents, will see them.

Order flyers or brochures and have these handy to give to contacts or to leave with local businesses or community places where they can be picked up easily.

Public Speaking

Ambassadors can personally approach community groups or local schools to share their Young Endeavour Story at meetings or assemblies. Contact our team to obtain the latest version of the Ambassador PowerPoint Presentation on mail@youngendeavour.gov.au Don't forget to order posters or flyers to accompany your presentation at least two weeks prior to your presentation

The Young Endeavour team also receives requests for presentations from organisations across Australia, and we may contact you if you live in the local area. Make sure your contact details are updated so we know who to contact!


The Young Endeavour team will contact you if we need ambassadors to help with upcoming events in your local area. This could be helping to show visitors around Young Endeavour during an Open Ship, supporting a day sail or an event on board, or promoting the Young Endeavour Program at a local community event.

Ambassadors regularly promote the Young Endeavour Program at local expos, information nights and community events. If you know of an event in your area that would benefit from including Young Endeavour, contact us to ask whether you can promote the program at the event.

In your networks

Don’t forget that word-of-mouth is a powerful way to promote the Young Endeavour Program. When you’re at a work event, Uni ‘O’ Week, or a social occasion, share your story so others can become aware of the Program and its benefits.

You can approach your local school, community group or council if you would like to promote Young Endeavour through their channels. Head to the Order Materials page to order any supporting materials you might require.