Captain's Log
25 March 2002

Youth Crew Take Command

Current situation at 1800: We sailed early this morning to demonstrate how we sail the ship from an anchorage and do one last tack before the YC take over. The YC held elections to nominate everyone for their positions and in the afternoon they prepared for their difficult mission.I handed Command over to them at 4PM and quick as a flash we were off. In stinging rain and freezing wind they took the ship away and after a tense and nervous start are now settled on their heading toward the first of many objectives.A strong wind warning will test their skills and teamwork as we sail north into the Gulf of St Vincent and on to Adelaide where due to arrive by Tuesday afternoon.Youth Crew entries:Michael Roycroft, Goondiwindi Qld, age 20.Monday morning bought a lot of excitement and also a lot of nerves we all thought that today our cravings for a swim would end and we would go for a swim but unfortunatly we ran out of time and couldn’t even go ashore to see Kangaroo Island. Stress started to set in when we had to vote for our captain and crew. Congratulations to Dave on becoming Captain and Ado on becoming his side kick. Having a great time, missing life’s luxuries a lot. Hello to Mum, Dad, Bek, Pete, Lomu and DazNick Menere, Carlingford NSW,Age 22.Typical, the first time we had to use the wet weather gear is the day we had to take control of the ship. So far we have managed to make good ground with the Captain and other leaders doing a great job. Tonight and tomorrow should provide a great challenge but I am sure we are more than capable of it.Food is too good and I am sure I have put on a few kilos but am still looking good. I have that whole beaten fisherman look going at the moment.Love to to family and friends, esp. Mum, Dad, Kiri and Gaz and the newly weds, hope the honeymoon was good. And last but not least,Fiona, missing you.P.S. I don’t think I could have survived without the support, friendship and love of one of the greatest people I have had the priviledge of meeting, Mhandii.Staff Crew entry:SHIP’S ENGINEER – Barry Howland.I’M GLAD TO REPORT THAT ALL SYSTEMS ARE WELL AND TRULY GO AGAIN. THE SCORE AT FULL TIME ENGINEERS ONE V LITTLE SEA BEASTIES NIL. MY PERSONAL THANKS TO ALL CONCERNED FOR THEIR ASSISTANCE. ON A PERSONAL NOTE I WOULD LIKE TO SAY A BIG HELLO TO MY SON LUKE AND DAUGHTER JESSICA IN WAGGA.LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU BOTH ON YOU SCHOOL BREAK. KEEP SAFE, LOVE YOU BOTH.Stay tuned,Andrew R. Davis


35° 34' South / 137° 44'


At sea off American River, KI. CommandDay. Wind 25 knots from the west (the strongest it's been so far this Voyage). Temp 16C