Captain's Log
3 March 2003

Youth Crew Let Loose

Situation at 20:00-Command Day- Today was the day that everyone in the youth crew was looking forward to, Command Day. The youth crew were finally let loose incharge of the ship. Today all of the roles onboard including; captain (Michael), XO (Annie), navigator (Adam, Adam & Ash), watch leaders (Dave, Sara & Craig) and even the chef (Campbell, Rodger & Ellie) were all performed by members of the youth crew. Staff crew played the role of first day crew and ensured that the safety of the shipwas maintained. Handover occured at 08:00 with the exchange of command ceremony conducted, including the traditional exchange of the telescope.At morning brief the youth crew decided to get their own back on the staff by collecting various items of staff crewpossesions and forcing them to sing. All members of the staff crew took part in a rousing rendition of 3 litle ducks with a few comical alterations. Following the morning brief our Beach Assault Teamdeparted to invade a beach at Portland, with the intent of gathering as many people as possible for the singing of the national anthem and raising of the Young Endeavour flag. Despite a gallent effort from the Assault team only a few people were on hand for the event.A delay in leaving anchor was used as an excuse for the youth crew to attempt a number of additional challenges including creating a hammock that would support as many crew as possible and getting allyouth crew up the mast onto the yards, an event that was captured by almost all youth crew cameras and a local newspaper photographer.Once the anchor was aweigh, the youth crew set sail and were off. After a slow start, where the yards were set to the wrong tack,all members of the team started to work together utilising all of the knowledge they had gained over the past few days.The command day has been a great opportunity for all members of the youth crew to utilise all of the skills they have learnt overthe past days at sea. The emphasis on having fun while learning your limits has enabled us all to progress from sailing novices who didnt know port from starboard to a team capable of sailing a tall shipunaided for 24 hours.Michael, 21 Youth Crew CaptainEarly mornings, dismal weather, cheery team leaders, all equate to an unimaginable sea adventure on the Young Endeavour. Only a viable option for those whom want to learn to live again. To experience the feeling of being one with 31 other people includingthe ship and of course the sea…you couldn’t achieve it anywhere else. Do the Young Endeavour, do yourself a favour.Elly, 22 Youth Crew ChefAlthough the weather has somewhat tainted our spirits, all of the youth crew have been strengthened, showing true team buildingskills and determination to get to land safely and as quickly as possible. The time has gone relativley quick, but during the rough swells and the cold and lonely hours on a 3:30 am watch, the time took forever, and no place seemed more called upon than home. After pulling through that however, we all came out stronger people with higher spirits and willing to tackle it all again.Ash, 16 Canberra, ACT


38° 20' South / 141° 52' East


Today's Log entry is compliments of Youth Crew Captain Michael. Moving slowly in position. Wind: South at 5 kts, Sea State:1, Temp:14c, Cloud: 8/8.