Captain's Log
21 May 2012

Youth Crew Command Days Captains Log

Hi Everyone,One of the many tasks over the next 24hrs is for the Youth Crew to write the Captains Log so please find attached the first entry from Youth Crew Captain Anthony. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav Command Day 22 May 2012 Command day, day 7. 25 youth crew from all parts of Australia challenged with taking command of the tall ship, Young Endeavour. The staff onboard created a challenge list for the youth crew to achieve in the 24 hours of command day. The staff handed the ship over to the youth crew at 1400, handed me the exclusive telescope, the same telescope that was handed to the youth of Australia in 1988. The vibe and excitement among the youth crew was incredible as we began to take over the ship. The youth crew’s command team was elected as followed. Sail master: Benjamin (Banjo) Donald Navigator: Chris Rodgers Watch Officers: Sam Smith Joecyln Gausia Fred Bates Watch Leaders: Dylan Grey Jasmin Lewis Bayden Skelley Chefs: Courtney Page Stephanie Taylor Josh roberts Michael Collison The crew were set and ready to achieve greatness. Challenges such as sending a beach assault team to claim a piece of beach on Horseshoe bay for the youth of Australia and creating a hammock on the ship that would hold the entire youth crew were quickly knocked over. The ship was readied and we set sail at 2000 for our waypoints. Each way point gave us clues to help us finish the sailing task. After a slow start, promising progress was made through hard work and determination as the youth crew worked together to sail on course for the waypoints. Signing off, Captain Anthony


19° 6' South / 146° 51' East


Currently experiencing 20kt strong E/SE winds with a 2m swell.