Captain's Log
23 June 2008

Youth Crew Command Day (Part 1)

Ahoy Shipmates, Well Command Day for Voyage 09/08 is well underway and despite the very strong headwinds things are proceeding very well. One of the tasks for the YC Command teams is to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow, so please find attached the first of these log entries (which I am sure you will enjoy) from Youth Crew Captain Lou.Yours Aye Captain Gav Hi there, its Captain Lou here, the first captain of the Command Day team, with Lewi being the second. We held elections last night and I was elected captain with Spence as sailing master, Lloydy as navigator, Elise Brad and Kira as Officers of the Watch and Watch Leaders Grace, Jason and Hailz. This morning we were handed the ship from Captain Gav at 1000 and proceeded to collect our nav instructions from Fitzroy Island which we have been anchored at for the last night and a half. After collecting and bringing back to the ship, the navigators worked to plan our route to get us away and sailing.Lunch today was part of many tasks which we as a youth crew are given to complete, was a themed kids party, with sausage rolls, hot chips, cocktail frankfurts, choccy cake, honey joys and chicko rolls. We all had to dress in Wiggles colours and the caf� was decorated with streamers of gasquets and chicko roll wrappers.With a strong wind of 25-30 knots from the south east we had a frustrating yet enthusiastic beat south to our target. Having attempted tacking, some not as successful as others (wareing is sometimes much easier). I have to mention the marvellous chefs working tirelessly in the galley preparing the glorious food which we are eating, Marlee, Jill and Hannah. They do a great job with spag bol, fish, tandoori chicken and rice on the dinner menu. YUMMY!!!!Working our way south, we decided to tack and pull out the jib sail. This would give us maximum velocity while allowing us to make our way through the unforgiving winds of the south. Realizing that we were in fact not making any ground at all, we decide to request permission for use of the engines. This would aid us in direction, but not in speed, making our objective a much more realistic goal than before. Now we are on course, hoping to make it to the objective prior to the time running out. Well that’s all folks��_. a successful stage one of command day complete. All the best to Lewi, I’m sure he will blitz this just as well!!!Over and outCaptain Lou xoxox(Hi Mum and Dad and Kate)


17° 1' South / 145° 56' East


Currently south of Fitzroy Island and experiencing strong 20-25kt SE winds with a 1.5m swell.