Captain's Log
8 March 2002

Youth Crew Challenge

Situation at 1700: Position 33 11S 138 01E, Last night was a quiet night hoved to at sea under reduced sail and watches to allow Youth Crew to catch up on some sleep for today’s Youth Crew Challenge.At 0630 all hands were called and the Youth Crew were assigned their task of sailing the ship around a course of four legs which meant lots of sail setting and furling and two tacks. They performed very well and had the ship sailing on her first leg in no time at all, then they adjusted sail as required for the subsequent legs.The only problem they encountered was the second tack when the winds were starting to lighten, but they soon overcame this problem by wearing the ship instead.Having completed all of their challenges with flying colours an informative debrief was facilitated by Watch Leaders, and then it wastime to start entering the pilotage waters of Port Pirie. At 1600 we came alongside with Youth Crew manning the yards. My final pleasant duty of the voyage was the handing out of voyage certicates, a small momento of how much each of them, individually and as part of a team, has achieved over the past five short days.Also I presented the Emblem from the Order of Australia Association to Bronwyn Grant as the Youth Crew member who contributed significantly to the spirit of the voyage, a deserving recipientwhich was well received by the Youth Crew.Until next time,Cap’n Bob.


33° 11' South / 138° 1'


Alongside Port Pirie.Wind south-west 5 knots, skies clear, temp 24 degrees.