Captain's Log
forllowed by the first of our interwatch activites
10 December 2007

Motoring, off Gladstone, Qld.

Good Morning Shipmates,Overnight we have continued our passage to 1770. The wind has been very light, meaning we have been under engines overnight. The good thing about that is that we have been able to get down to Hervey Bay area sooner than planned to enjoy the waters of the southern Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island.During the night we consolidated our basic mariner skills, with the watches climbing, sail handling, steering, keeping lookout and now navigating. Preparations for command day are now well advnced with everyone showing a good level of knowledge and skill. Yesterday afternoon we had a birthday pavlova to celebrate Kirsty from Kingaroy’s 19th birthday. This morning’s morning brief included a new segment from the ship’s resident magician, Pete Wong. Entitled That’s just Wong”


where YC from each watch get to know each other better and introduce each other to the group.Tomorrow we will have a shore expedition to 1770 / which will include a ""special treat""Until tomorrow


me hearties