26 December 2021

Young Endeavour joins the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

STS Young Endeavour has embarked an alumni crew and set sail with the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race fleet
The brigantine’s final voyage for 2021 will be providing communication support for the event, acting as a radio relay vessel. The embarked crew are excited to be part of this iconic Australian event, more so because for many this will be their second voyage in Young Endeavour.
The Sydney Hobart Yacht Race provides a rare opportunity for Young Endeavour alumni to step back on board and relive their adventures. Special mention to the hundreds of alumni who applied for this opportunity – while we’d love to include you all, we definitely don’t have enough berths!
Young Endeavour is scheduled to arrive at Hobart on 31 December 2022. The ship will remain alongside for a few days before starting the 2022 voyage program in Hobart. A new crew of young Australians are set to embark on 4 January 2022, setting sail for Geelong, Victoria.
Restrictions permitting we’ll open the ship to local Tasmanians during our visit, welcoming a few more of our alumni back on board to host a free public open ship on 2 January 2022. Check back for details closer to the date.
In the meantime, check out the Captain’s Log or follow the ship on Facebook or Instagram for daily updates from the Captain and crew.
Fair winds and following seas to the crew of Young Endeavour!