Ambassador Story
25 November 2022

Young Endeavour changed my life

When I first took my first steps on Young Endeavour I was terrified. I had little to no knowledge about sailing and I was already challenging myself meeting new people, being outside of my comfort zone.


During my voyage I made long life friends, found comfort with others who also had little knowledge of what we were doing. But together we learnt.


The day I stepped off Young Endeavour was the day I realised how much it had changed my life. I was so upset to be getting off, but so excited to tell everyone I knew about how amazing it had been.


From jumping off the stern into the cold water, screaming out “2,6, heave!” and pulling the ropes with all my body.

Staying up late and doing anchor watches
Learning about the engine room
And cleaning the staffies mess
I loved every minute and second.


Of course I got sea sick. But I soon learnt that letting it all out made everything feel better
And what’s a voyage without some sea sickness!


Before my voyage I had just been in a high speed car accident. The driver was doing an insane speed limit and our car hit a rock wall, tipping and finally flipping on its roof. It had happened only a week or two out from boarding and I thought I was going to die.


Luckily all were okay but I realised how precious life was. I wanted to live and do things that weren’t dangerous, but also still wanted to do things that were thrilling and exciting.


Going onboard Young Endeavour absolutely changed my life. I tell everybody I meet about it. I got a sailing boat tattoo dedicated to that part of my life. 2017 was the year I almost lost my life. But it was also the year that changed my life for the better.


I’m so thankful I got to take part in this opportunity and I absolutely recommend it to anyone. If you are even thinking about it – do it!


You’ll find yourself just like me. 5 years later wishing I was back onboard


Teon West

Voyage 17/17