After 32 years of undertaking youth development voyages for the benefit of young Australians, the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme is gauging the long-term outcomes delivered by the program to those young Australians specifically and to Australian society as a whole more generally.

Throughout those 32 years, STS Young Endeavour has undertaken nearly 600 voyages to provide an adventure under sail that promotes attributes of communication, teamwork, resilience and community spirit.

The information we collect through the Census will be used to guide the future planning of the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme.

Why did we call it a Census? This survey is part of a longitudinal study, an investigation of the long term effects of something. We have asked Youth Crew to complete an end-of-voyage questionnaire to measure their feelings at the conclusion of every voyage - this provides us with the short term view, now we would like to see that long term view quite clearly. Given the nature of the questions in the survey, their similarity to parts of the National Census carried out every five years by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the dependence of both on having a large number of honest respondents, we settled on the Young Endeavour Census.

Over 14,000 young Australians have sailed with us, so to improve the reliability of the results we gain from this Census we would also like to enlist your help in reaching other Youth Crew that you may still have contact with. Please send them to this page and encourage them to respond, we would like as complete a picture of where all Youth Crew have found themselves in life as possible.
To that end, we have also provided questions to cater for the situation where a Youth Crew may not be in a position to complete the survey and someone is responding on their behalf.

One question may cause you to search your memory: "What year did you sail?"
If you cannot recall, please email us with your name and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you are ready to go, we would appreciate your responses to the Census!
Should you need more information about how we will manage the information you provide, please find the Privacy Policy for the Young Endeavour Census here.
Help us reach everyone who has sailed with us! This progress bar shows how many have completed the Census.

Measuring 32 years of youth development