Captain's Log
26 May 2001

You Won’t Gain Without Paying

Again we flew up the coast, through some narrow passages between the reef and the mainland, meeting many fishing trawlers and merchant ships enroute. The scenery has been ever changing, but the thought that returns is that this is a BIG country and is extremely beautiful in a rugged kind of way. We’ve been sailing for five days now and in the early hours of tomorrow morning we will round Cape York, the most northerly tip of Australia, and anchor off a small island there called Possession Island, where a monument proclaims Cook’s Landing. I’ll tell you what the inscription reads tomorrow. The Youth Crew have been working tirelessly: the ‘Bear’ teamwork exercise last night went really well and their teamwork and commitment is starting too really pay off. Well done, guys and gals. Youth Crew entry by Philip Whittaker, 19,Sydney.As I am writing this entry, I am witnessing an awesome skyline. Today has been a challenge, both mentally and physically, as has been the past 5 days. All crew are really working well together and are gearing up for command day. This has to be some of the best days of my life. As not many people travel this region, and the fact that this is the centenary of federation circumnavigation makes me feel extra special. My only goal now is to beat Potter at UNO, but that remains to be seen. I just wanna say hi to all the people back home, and a special hello to Alison, whom I cant wait to see soon.Rusty ‘Aka’ PhilYouth crew entry by Nikki Sneddon, 16, Canberra. It is hard to believe that it is day 6 all ready the time just seems to be flying by. I am having a great but extremely challenging time, climbing aloft doing GUTS watches (12 to 4 AM). I do have to say that these last few days have been some of the most amazing days of my life. We (youth crew) seem to have been working hard but having a very good party at the same time in the most amazing conditions. The old saying ���You won’t gain with out paying’ is so true but it is all so rewarding, I seem to be not only learning about sailing but many other important life skills. My message to you all out there is get out there and push yourselves and you will be amazed by what you can do.Ps love to all my family and friends back home you know who you are – see you soon Nikki.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


11° 5' South / 142° 52'


CO's Log Saturday 26 May 01Current situation at 1900: At sea just south of Cape York. Wind sou'easterly at 18 knots. Temp 24C. Position 1105S, 14252E.