Captain's Log
20 September 2009

Yampi Sound

Hi Everyone, Overnight we continued to make good ground to the south west and by sunrise we were only 40nm from Yampi Sound. During the morning and in particular at morning brief we were entertained by numerous whales with one excited whale fully breaching itself just 40mtrs from the side of the ship. Following morning brief the rest of the forenoon was taken up with cleaning stations (happy hour) and another entertaining set of rope races. Early afternoon saw Duchy the Boats Officer present an interactive presentation on Rules of the Road. This presentation is important as hopefully it means that when the Youth Crew take-over the ship on Command Day they won’t run into anything. On completion of this activity the ship was brought under a modified sail plan and we conducted a good set of demonstrational tack. This activity lets all of the Youth Crew observe tacking the ship from the bridge which gives them a better understanding of how to manoeuvre the bow of the ship through the wind. These tacks were completed by 1500 which had us positioned only 5nm away from our anchorage. Given the perfect 15kt westerly breeze I decided to sail to anchor and in doing so demonstrated to the Youth Crew that by working as a team and handing in sails at the right time you can safely manoeuvre a ship of Young Endeavours size without the use of main engines. At 1630 we came safely to anchor in Yampi Sound just at the mouth of Crocodile Creek. This evening following another one of Chef Jarods fantastic meals we celebrated Youth Crew member Kaitlyn Champions 18th Birthday complete with chocolate birthday cake and sparklers. Following the birthday celebrations the Youth Crew mustered on deck to watch the classic Tall Ship movie ���Around Cape Horn��. On completion of the movie everyone turned in for a well deserved good nights sleep.Please find below some more Captain Log Youth Crew entries.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav YOUTH CREW CAPTAINS LOGHi everyone,Well what an experience. The YE experience is one of the most amazing things I have done in my life. I am seeing some of the most beautiful country side I have ever seen and I am sharing it with some of the most amazing people I have met, staff and crew a like. I have challenged myself and achieved things that I didn’t know if I would be able to do. To everyone at work, I hope life isn’t too quite without me. To Mum, John, Kristen, Justin and the beautiful Miss Kaylee. I miss you all, hope you are well and cannot wait to tell you everything.Robbie Hey Mum and Dad Having heaps of fun, getting a little bit of sun.Climbing the mast is a bit of a struggle but I’m getting better I miss you lots, and cant wait to see you on Friday night.Say hey to the kari and dayle.See you on FridayLove you, Hillary Hi Everyone,Happy birthday Garry,The trips been absolutely awes! To the extent starting to get bored of whales (jokes).The staff crew and youth crew are a top bunch and there’s never a dull moment. It good to be on the tall ship looking at Koolan rather than the other way.Jenna I’m still thinking about you always. Loveya babe.Talk to everyone on Friday. Hope everyone’s well.BobHi Everyone,I’m having an absolutely amazing time here! The youth crew and staff are a great bunch of people who I’ve been having heaps of fun with.We have climbed the mast quite a few times and the view from above is stunning. We have all been privileged enough to see some amazing countryside which very few people get to see and experience. I hope that the next week will be as amazing as this one has been! Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!Christina


16° 8' South / 123° 39' East


Currently at anchor in Yampi Sound and enjoying moderate W-SW winds with nil swell.