Captain's Log
27 May 2003

Wishing It Would Never End

Situation at 21:00- .Last night the Youth Crew brought the Ship to anchor off Mackay Harbour. The open nature of the anchorage and the strongSou’East winds resulted in a very uncomfortable roll all night long.The swell was 2-3 metres. This meant that this morning we were unable to ferry the Youth Crew ashore in the RHIB, and instead we came alongside the marina at 10:00.Once alongside, the Youth Crew landed their Beach Assault Team (BAT) to claim the area for the youth of Australia. The BAT wasable to convince 44 local people to join them in singing the national anthem. Command day officially ended when Captain Cam handed back the Ship’s telescope to Captain John just before noon.After lunch the Youth Crew were divided into three groups and sent ashore for the command day debrief. This is an open and frankanalysis of the command day experience with the aim of identifying any positive lessons that the Youth Crew can transfer into theirfuture lives. The debrief proved to be very in depth and thorough and beneficial. Well done to the Staff Crew who did a terrific job of facilitating it. The Youth Crew had an hour ashore to visit the local shops before Chef Stony served another great supper. The next activity was the Ship’s Concert. Each watchn presented a home-made act and they were all very well done. There isan incredible amount of talent amongst the Youth Crew, as well as imagination and a sense of humour. After the concert the Staff Mess disco was open. It is amazing how many people can dance at the same time in such a small space. Overnight the Youth Crew will keep anchor watches. Because these are shorter than sea watches, all hands shouldbe well rested for the half-day sail tomorrow. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is a purpose built Brigantine designed for youth development training. She is made of steel, with teak decks. All spars are aluminum. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR was built in England in 1987 and presented to the people of Australia asa bi-centennial gift by the people of the United Kingdom.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: RHIB- Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat. The Ship’s RHIB is a utility boat used principally to transportthe Youth Crew ashore for visits and activities. It can also be used as a small tug to assist in berthing and unberthing the Ship.Thought of the Day: All that is necessary for the trimuph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke.Yours, Aye John Cowan,LCDR, RAN Hi everyone, just letting you know how everything is going. I am having an excellent time and wish that the voyage would never end. Its been alot of fun and I have made alot of new friends. Some of theplaces I have seen have looked really cool, and I would love to come back and see it all again. I miss everyone especially Cate andCharlotte and can’t wait to see everyone when I get home. Jeff>


21° 7' South / 149° 14' East