Captain's Log
19 February 2000

Wind Gods smiling

The deck Olympics yesterday afternoon were fun and we had a special visitor, Brother Nutzee, to help us pray for wind. The wind gods were obviously happy with our performance and have been obliging ever since with fair winds and following seas. We completed 175 nm for the days run which is quite respectable. After ‘happy hour’ this morning we set the course, and then dropped the jib and set the drifter in it’s place. The drifter, now known as the ‘whomper’, is a very large light wind headsail. Feeling the need for speed, the fisherman staysail is now being set so that we will have the absolute maximum amount of sail set. It would be enough to bring a tear to the eye of our old Bosun, Hector.Program for this afternoon is a quiet period (shut down the generator) and an afternoon siesta. We have another lecture prepared and also we’ll have a set of rope races.


33° 15' South / 163° 35'


Course 270, Speed 7kts, Wind 150/15kts, Warm, partly cloudy and we still have wind