Captain's Log
V05/18 Adelaide to Hobart
3 March 2018


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day seven of our voyage. Our first night in a sheltered anchorage was a glorious change from the last 5 nights at sea. Everyone slept soundly and there was a definite spring in everyone’s step when Guv woke us at 0645 and got us up on deck and walking around. He then gave us the news that the EMA was going to be a swim and the first opportunity for the new crew to test out the rope swing. The water temp was fresh and ‘invigorating’ but it was worth it to get to use the rope swing. Most of the crew had a dip. Once the ‘big pool’ was closed we had bread rolls, freshly baked by Marcus, with bacon and eggs on deck, cooked on the BBQ for breakfast.At 0800 we held the traditional ceremony of Colours, during which the Australian National Flag, at the bow, and the Australian White Ensign, at the stern, are raised in unison, after eight bells on the Ship’s bell followed by the ‘Still’ blown on the Bosun’s Call. The ceremony is concluded with the piping of the ‘Carry-on’ on the Bosun’s Call. We also sang the national anthem as the flags were hoisted. This was followed by the Morning Brief. While the crew got on with Happy Hour the Staffies weighed anchor and piloted the Ship into the channel just out of Bramble Cove, where Brett, the engineer, and I conducted ‘Captain’s Setting and Furling, which is a competency assessment of the Watches’ ability to undertake these activities safely and to the standard required to be able to progress to Command Day. I am pleased to say that all three watches were at a very high standard.The Ship then undertook the passage towards Bathurst Harbour, skilfully piloted by Navigator Evan and supported by Watch Officer Harry. About half way towards Bathurst Harbour we anchored the Ship in the bay west of Joan Point. Lunch had been enjoyed during the passage as the watches rotated through the café. The breathtaking scenery along the passage was enjoyed by all on the upper decks.Once secured at anchor we put the two Ship’s boats in the water and ferried the crew the remaining distance to Bathurst Harbour. Each watch were dropped ashore on a small wharf at Clayton’s Corner for a leg stretch to climb to a small nearby peak for a photo op of the Harbour. All of the watches were back onboard by 1800 to enjoy another of Marcus’ fabulous meals. This time we had a choice of chillied pork-belly or macadamia nut encrusted baked lamb backstrap. This was followed up by a tiramisu dessert. Just what we needed after many hours on the water today!After dinner I conducted the Command Day Brief which was followed by Command Day Elections. On completion Youth Captain Ash Mills visited me and gave me the results of the elections. It is planned that we will remain at anchor overnight, weighing and getting underway at 0800 tomorrow. I will hand control of the Ship to Captain Ash at 1300 tomorrow for 24 hours.Until tomorrow,Yours ayeCaptain Mike


43 20.7' S / 146 06.1' E


Weather - fine, Wind - westerly at 5 kn, Swell - nil, Temp - 16 deg. C