Captain's Log
23 November 2009

Why is it called ^^^The^^^Rip^^^?

Voyage Log ��� Monday 23 Nov/ Day 6We sailed away from anchor yesterday at Portland and the sound of the engines has not been heard since. With a long swell of about 4m in height rolling and yawing the ship, the Youth Crew climbed aloft to loose the squares. It was only then that the penny dropped for many, with the adventure of life at sea driving them – though a few also lost their dinner. There has been a few green faces around this morning but as I write this we are reaching away to the NE and the shelter of Cape Otway. We are gearing up for Command Day now, and a little while ago I invited groups of the crew to come up to the bridge and observe a tack from the Captain’s perspective. We expect that the sea may cut up a bit as we run down towards the infamous ^^^Rip^^^, and thus enter Port Phillip Bay for what will be a night of relative calm and rest at anchor tomorrow.I will let you know how what happens as the preparations for Command Day wrap up …Until tomorrow,Captain Paul


38° 55' South / 143° 59' East


Fine and 16 degrees with a steady 20 knots of westerly wind ...