Captain's Log
9 February 2002

When is it Going to Warm Up?

Today we left Port Lincoln with a working radar and departed Spencer Gulf. This evening we rounded Eyre Peninsula and we are now sailing in the Great Australian Bight headed north west to Ceduna. We are having an easy day if that’s possible in a Tall Ship. We will spend the next two days under sail and find an anchorage by Monday afternoon. The crews spirits are high and everyone seems glad to be back at sea and on track. Wind conditions are good but we badly needwarmer weather – the icy winds may be good for the complexion but getting dressed takes ages.Youth crew entry by Blue Watch Girls: Claire, 19, Canberra, Fly, 18, Avalon, NSW, Sandra, 22, Melbourne, Suzie, 19, Canberra:Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. Finally a day with time for multiple siestas and some needed sleep catch up. After the delays in Port Lincoln we pulled up anchor bright and early and set the sails for the rest of the day.Watches for today consisted of setting and furling sails in preparation for tomorrow’s Captain’s Drills, eating far too many lollies than is healthy and continually finding ways to traumatise Polly (one of our infamous watch leaders).On the Kenny front sightings have become exceedingly rare, and fraught with uncertainty. The most recent report came from a luxurious 5 star resort in the Carribean… we will keep you updated when further reports are recieved. Excitement is growing over the much anticipated Command day, now rescheduled for Tuesday. Hopefully the chances of us running agroundare diminishing as our skills develop and our sailing knowledge grows… and in the process we are all having a ball.Hi to everyone back home…Claire – I know you would all enjoy this. Happy 80th Birthday Grandma, wish I was there with you at the big party!Fly – Love you, but I’m having an awesome time, so am really not ready to come home yet. Happy Birthday for Tuesday FergSandra – Now keeping my dinner down, having an amazing adventure … don’t forget to pick me up at the airport…miss you Ad Suzie – Mum and Dad here is my entry. Congratulations on the job Hilary, and Jacquie please don’t crash my car. Miss you StephenCheers, Blue Girls (We wouldn’t swap our places aboard YE with anyone in the world)Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


34° 52' South / 134° 57'


Current situation at 1800: At sea under full sail off Eyre Peninsula. Wind southerly at 15 knots, temp - when is it going towarm up??