Captain's Log
V11/18 Newcastle to Brisbane
28 June 2018

When I was one

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight, the youthies took advantage of being back at sea to continue skills consolidation including rounds, climbing and sail handling. They also undertook the activity we call the ‘Bearex’ which is a leadership and teamwork exercise. At 0830 the Staffies piloted the Ship into the Gold Coast Seaway and anchored west of SeaWorld at 0900.On completion we held the morning brief which included a visit from ‘Salty’, who explained why we split the Dog Watches, and Nana dropped in again to help the Youthies keep their cabins tidy. She also taught the Youthies another song, ‘When I was one’. At 1030 I gave the Youthies my Sail Theory brief, which lasted until lunch.Siesta Time and the opportunity to do some washing followed lunch. At 1315 Sail Master Evan gave the Boat brief and then Brendan and James started ferrying the crew ashore near the northern end of The Spit for some exercise, the chance for a swim, a coffee and to conduct Mid-Voyage chats, facilitated by the Watch Leaders.The first boat picked up the crew at 1615 and everyone was onboard by 1700. Dinner was the usual time and that was followed by the screening of the film ‘Around Cape Horn’ which tells of the adventures of Captain Irving Johnston sailing the Barque ‘the Peking’. We show this film to the youthies, who are working hard to remember the names and locations of the Ship’s lines and various equipment, to compare their task to how much more the sailors of the Peking had to learn.After the movie Navigator Harry explained to the youth crew their duties and responsibilities when keeping anchor watches. From 2000 they kept anchor watches ensuring the Ship remains safe through the night. Staff crew will also undertake rounds and fix the Ship’s position through the night.Until tomorrow,Yours aye,Captain Mike


27 57.2' S / 153 25.3' E


Weather - fine, partly cloudy, Wind - SW / 7 kn, Swell - nil, Temp: 16 deg. C