Captain's Log
29 November 2000

Whales Jumping

The expected weather front only amounted to about 20 knots and it brought heaps of rain as we entered Bass Strait last night. Today the pace was easier after the hectic pace of yesterday. The Youth Crew are catching up on some sleep and are feeling more comfortable in their new home. The wind has dropped heaps but it is still coming from the direction we need to go – but that is the life of a sailor. We should arrive at anchor by tomorrow afternoon and get some shore time. As the sun set this evening and some of the Youth Crew were aloft a pod of Sperm Whales swam near the ship. One flipped its tail up, dived and then moments later made a spectacular leap from the water. Priceless!Youth Crew Entry by Cathy Taylor, 20, of Redhead, NSW: The first night we anchored I assumed we all had our sea legs. Enter day two. Most of us felt miserable, bodies layed curled on the ground (deck), or over the side of the ship feeding the fish their digested food. It looked like the plague had hit the deck. I longed to be at home snuggled up in a warm bed with my boyfriend. Despite everyone’s feelings, we had a ship to sail. This is the time where I think everyone became the most supportive and encouraging. Especially when climbing to the top of the mast. Just when you think you can’t hold on any longer, someone will say you’re doing great champ, and then you find the energy and guts to go on. Even though we’ve only been at sea for 3 days, there is a spirit on board which is making this journey awesome. I think it has something to do with knowing the ship can’t sail without all of us putting in everything we have. It makes us feel important, and part of a challenge that is way out of our normal comfort zone. I’m loving this trip, but missing my family and Mark. See you guys soon.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


38° 32' South / 148° 36'


Current situation at 1800: Off the Bass Strait Oil Rigs, motor sailing towards Wilson's Promontory. Wind westerly at 8 knots. Temp 15C. Cold clear sky - we are in Victoria.