Captain's Log
17 February 2000

Whales and dolphins

Despite light winds yesterday afternoon, we had some great sailing. The generators were shut down for a silent period and at 1400, following a lecture on sail theory, the ship went to tacking stations and did a few drill tacks. The fisherman sail was then set and soon the ship was reaching at 6kts to the W in the light southerly breeze. The day was clear and warm with flat seas. The sighting of some pilot whales and dolphins just added to the picture. In the evening three way talks were conducted up on deck which were entertaining.The ship sailed overnight making reasonable speed although the wind veered to the WSW that forced the ship northwards from our planned track. We started engines this morning and will motor sail until lunch time to regain a bit of time and lost ground. This afternoon we will have another silent period and then do some tacking. A pattern seems to be emerging here.The crew are performing well and sea sickness is now only a memory.


33° 16' South / 169° 43'


Course 320, Speed 7kts, Wind 250/15kts, Temp 22C